The game

Tantra Rumble is a genre mash-up that offers the player 8 characters to choose from for battlefields specially designed for strategic team battles.

Be part of the game

Choose your role, strategize and play with your team to victory.

Feel the freedom

Attack, block, run, evade and counter attacks smoothly in epic battlefields.

Define your own style

Pick a hero and customize their skills and build before each game according to your play style.

Build up your economy

Fuse, upgrade, auction or sell weapons, items and skills with other players freely.

Key Features

Skill tree system

Map and customize your skill tree to build unique combinations. Fuse and enhance your cards to get higher level skill cards.

Auction house

Everything you buy, win or get can be auctioned off. Set a good price and grow your economy!

Flexible character builds

Level and stat points for all characters remain consistent, thanks to our overall player profile system. Distribute stat points and customize your character according to your playstyle.

The Guardians

Naga Tribe
Creature Hunters
Asura Tribe
Outstanding assassins
Yaksa Tribe
Nature Deities
Deva Tribe
Earth Spirits

Naga Tribe

Creature Hunters

Tough, strong and powerful warriors. The ruthless nature provides them with skills to hunt and kill. They are considered for excellence in war time. They are also known as the Cobra clan.

Tribe classes


Warrior skills focus on causing great damage to multiple targets. Their robust body allows them to withstand direct attacks. They have a natural weakness to elemental attacks.


They are able to withstand great physical and elemental damage. Their abilities allow them to protect themselves and their allies from damage caused by an enemy’s attack. Their strong defense makes them a tough nut to crack.

Asura Tribe

Outstanding assassins

The Asuras are characterized as perpetrators of major atrocities. Their pride and arrogance force them to live on the edge, participating in wars caused by themselves or by others. They never give up due to which they are hard to beat rivals.

Tribe classes


They attack from the shadows, their skills harm consecutively and produce altered states. Their defense is moderate so they must strike quickly and keep away from their target.


Their fast and accurate attacks cause great damage from afar. Their skills can cause additional damage and generate altered states if they are properly used. They can also set traps to compromise the enemies condition.

Yaksa Tribe

Nature Deities

The Yaksas are beings of multiple personalities. Noble and docile creatures in the service of nature that became tireless hunters of souls. They are known as great warriors who use the power of the Earth to enhance their skills.

Tribe classes

Martial Artist

An expert in ancient arts. They perform accurate hits using their fists and legs. Their attacks can cause altered states and generate interrupts. They accompany their fighting style with skills that enhance their stats.


They can restore the health of their allies, can remove altered states and enhance certain stats. Their elemental attacks inflict moderate damage and compromise the target's condition.

Deva Tribe

Earth Spirits

They are heavenly beings living as rulers of nature. Due to their great spiritual power they can channel their energy and use it to cause great damage. They are considered as a dangerous tribe because of their magical powers which hinders their perspective on good and evil.

Tribe classes


They perform powerful elemental attacks that affect multiple enemies. Their skills can cause serious altered conditions. Due to their nature they have extensive elemental defense but poor physical defense.


Their craft allows them to dominate entities from different worlds and use them as soldiers during combat. Their ability to share skills and their statistics with their minions makes them a sustainable fighter and hard to defeat.

Game Modes


Take control of settlements and create a powerful army to break the defense of the enemy fortress. Coordination is essential to victory.

Team Deathmatch

Work closely with your teammates and defeat all enemies. Working together and team strategy will give you the advantage!

Free for All

Stay alive and test your skills. Show your supremacy by eliminating all the enemies in this bloody battle without a helping hand.

And many more coming soon!


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